Series… enjoying wasting time, again.

I am a big fan of series. I’ve always liked the possibilities that the situation offered. Ever watched a movie and thought that it might have benefited from having a bit more time, to develop a character, to expand a narrative thread? It’s not like every story needs to be long in order to be realised, but some do and the series format can give them that.

You have space, you have time and nowadays, series being the latest gravy train, you also have budgets. And that’s where some of the fun stopped for me. Too many series, too much… fluff. And even the good stuff inevitably gets diluted by the need to monetise anything that moves (Stranger Things season 2/3 comes to mind). Stories are good when they have a reason for existing. Instead with some series it feels like they just want to “fill the space”; it’s like they decided that they had to do X episodes, Y seasons and then made up stuff as they went along just because they had to put it out there. But who am I to argue? If I don’t like series all I have to do is not watch them.

And then some happen along that still make me happy and genuinely excited. I have found The Witcher and The Mandalorian to be as good as they come. Loved the writing, the pacing, the acting and the amount of heart that those involved put into making them. You can feel that everyone loved what they were doing and it comes through. And as annoying as the wait for a season can be, you are left with something you can fondly think back to, maybe even watch again.