MusicBox… Episode #1!

I love music. I love listening to it, I love talking about it, I love playing it. So, while I’m trying to wrap up the ever-incomplete Define “Love” (Claaaaaire!!! Where art thou?!?!), I thought about starting a blog where I could talk about songs I like, why I like them and then play my own version of them.

…I’ve just finished the first episode. Hope you like it!

Claire & Chris… What time is it?!

The rain has been falling for some time now.
But the music is still elusive.
Claire is writing… I am sketching here and there… but we will be ready.
For Christmas?! I don’t know.

I’m coming back to the studio more and more these days. I’ve had an idea for a new album (due after Define “Love”, of course). I’ve got eight songs for now, five very funky tracks and three ballads. I’ll be working on these while I wait for Claire to finish her contributions. Honestly, this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to jump-start my musical production. Back in 2012, during a lull in my other time-wasting activities, I actually managed to record five or six songs from a “concept album” I had put aside back in 2000. Really good stuff. But couldn’t see it to the end.

I need to get back into the flow. But to me making music is not about hammering on the anvil until the shape is right. It’s rather like trying to fill an empty glass, you must have water in you in the first place. It’s a transfer, it’s transmutation and I guess my well has been pretty dry.

But Claire kinda helped with that. She’s been a dear friend and a fountain of inspiration. Right now she is too happy to produce anything good but hey… “c’est nous, toujours!”

Hope I’ve gained enough momentum…